Founded by Carlo Flores in 2015, The Mighty Luchador® sprang from his childhood fascination with Lucha Libre and his deep Latino, Mexican, and Chicano roots. During family visits to Mexico, young Carlo was captivated by the thrilling matches and larger-than-life personas of the luchadores, which shaped his identity while growing up in Oakland during the 1980s.

Carlo's advertising career honed his design and storytelling skills, leading to an Emmy win in 2010. This success inspired him to launch The Mighty Luchador, blending his love for Lucha Libre with tributes to icons like El Santo and Blue Demon. The brand modernizes these legends, connecting a new generation with the rich mythology of Lucha Libre.

Today, The Mighty Luchador is a premier brand, showcased at our Eagle Rock Boutique Brick and Mortar. We offer original limited edition toys, innovative art collections, and lifestyle apparel, each reflecting the adventurous spirit of our brand. Committed to innovative storytelling, we invite fans to join us in celebrating stories that uplift race, culture, and the human spirit.


Meet Señor Fuego®, the fiery mascot of The Mighty Luchador brand. Known for his sassy quips and no-holds-barred wrestling style, Señor Fuego brings both heat and humor to the ring. Despite his fierce competitiveness and sharp skills, he’s always a supportive tag team partner who's genuinely funny and outgoing. His love for the '80s is showcased in his stylish garb, while his fiery persona proudly reflects his Scottish roots.

Señor Fuego's formidable presence makes him a challenging opponent, but his thick Scottish accent and love for rich, malty Scottish ales suggest a softer side beneath his fiery exterior—if you're fortunate enough to see it. However, be forewarned his short fuse is as notorious as his smart talk. A prankster with a quick temper, Señor Fuego embodies the fiery spirit and passion of The Mighty Luchador. He's a force to be reckoned with, igniting the ring with his intense energy and literally scorching personality.

Meet El Mighty®, the heroic protagonist of The Mighty Luchador story. Once a young and successful luchador, El Mighty was renowned worldwide for his remarkable agility, strength, and kindness. His destiny took a dramatic turn during a climactic fight amidst a lightning orchestrated by the gods, which catalyzed his transformation and marked the beginning of his journey as a Mighty Luchador.

Thrust into a new world with a new identity, El Mighty continues to fight the good fight. Despite the challenges he faces, his actions are driven by a genuine kindness, nobility, and resilience. El Mighty stands as a force for good, embodying the spirit of heroism that defines The Mighty Luchador brand.

Meet Siniestro, once an ambitious up-and-coming luchador who grew weary of always being cast as the "rudo" or villain. Ironically, on a pivotal night facing El Mighty in the ring—a luchador who epitomized everything he aspired to become—he was recruited by Xolotl and the forces of evil. This dark alliance transformed him into a permanent Rudo, a grotesquely non-human and overwhelmingly evil force that he could not stop.

Though flashes of his innate humanity occasionally break through, the powerful grip of evil constantly pulls him back. Siniestro is now a grim agent for dark forces; his mission is to harvest souls, aid in the conquest of the planet, and further the dominion of Xolotl, under whose dark influence his destiny is forever altered and controlled.

Meet Diamante Rosita, or "Rosy Diamond" in English, the partner of El Mighty. After Mighty's journey to the underworld, Rosita sought to make a name for herself as a luchadora within a burgeoning women's wrestling troupe. To support herself, she also became a renowned engineer who contributed significantly to the war effort during World War II. Recruited by the gods and transformed by Quetzalcoatl into an all-powerful luchadora, she was enlisted in the fight against evil, just as her partner, El Mighty, had been.

Decades later, she and El Mighty were reunited in the underworld by Quetzalcoatl. Rosita is kind, caring, and good-hearted, with a deep love for El Mighty. However, she is also a fierce, no-holds-barred fighter. Her tenacity and high intelligence make her a formidable ally in the battle against Siniestro, and the forces of evil.

Meet Las Sombras, the menacing, mindless minions of Siniestro's army of evil. These creatures are the transformed souls of Siniestro's victims, glowing a sinister bright green. Though they lack minds of their own and follow Siniestro and Xolotl's commands unquestioningly, they can be extremely dangerous, especially in large numbers. Their relentless nature proves particularly challenging for our team of heroes.

However, their very lack of independent thought is also their main weakness. This absence of individuality and any real strategy can be exploited, often turning the tide in battles against these bright green, unthinking troops.